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Description: disaster recovery = backup?? Timestamp: 2014-07-03 19:27:08 +0000
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  1. Hello Hosts,
  3. I'm quite sure I'll know the answer from the both of you but if you can point to/provide some documentation on what a backup is, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  5. Background...
  6. Up until the last week of June, my company didn't have its svn repos being backed up automatically. Occasionally someone would run svnadmin dump copying the data from one server to another but both servers and the HDD are about the same age (probably 7 years old) so at any time, both drives could die. anyway, we have a simple script copying that to some mac server (not my choice) and then to crash plan (also not my choice).
  8. Real question...
  9. I don't exactly know how our production backups work but the standard answer is that we have a disaster recovery site, pretty sure it's a hot zone DR, so managements response is that the DR = backup.
  10. Obviously a working copy of your data is not a backup, but management may not think that way. Do you have any documentation on standard backup policies / procedures / practices and in general, what a backup is and what its not.
  12. I found this site helpful and I'll probably use some data from it to show management:
  15. Thanks,
  16. Chris
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