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  1. Howdy fellers,
  3. I've been a listener and a fan from the start of the show, but I've really enjoyed the last few episodes. The longer format has really helped the show. My favorite part was listening to Chris fantasizing about the plush, leather chair that Mike is sinking into, perhaps at this very moment.
  5. I also really enjoyed the episode that includes your predictions for 2018. I think you're both on-point.
  7. For example, Mike predicted JavaScript will expand its reach in 2018, and developers who are already using Javascript will continue to use it, and those of us who don't, will start using it. This prophecy has recently come true for me personally, and for several other people at my job, as we're transitioning from native iOS to React-Native for an existing, internal app.
  9. Also, Chris made an insightful prediction about so-called "lady tubes" (why does that sound dirty?) being integrated with all sorts of other products in 2018. It seems like an obvious next step now that you've mentioned it, but I had never thought about it.
  11. Chris, your rant about the iMac Pro thinness rivaled some of Mike's best rants. I agree that Apple should be less focused on the design of their "pro" products, but they are just as much a design company as they are a tech company. They wouldn't know how to market a product that was fat (like I've heard you guys are getting).
  13. Thanks for reading!
  15. PS - Can you please play the song that a listener made that includes a clip of Mike saying the wrong word or using incorrect grammar. (I don't remember exactly what it was, but it was as funny AF.)
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