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Description: Nextcloud (and borg too) Timestamp: 2020-09-08 16:11:34 +0000
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  1. Hello,
  3. I've been listening for a few years (although I'm a few months behind). I just heard 362 of Linux Unplugged "The hidden cost of nextcloud" . Im also up to episode 21 of self hosted (I'm so glad y'all decided to do that podcast, it's exactly scratches an itch).
  5. I surprised that y'all pay $350 a month for nextcoud and was initially surprised but when you broke it down I was less shocked. However, have you considered using backblaze or wasabi instead of digital ocean for object storage? They're both s3 compatible. Backblaze is $0.005/GB/month with $0.01/GB outbound transfer. Wasabi is $0.0059/GB/month with no outbound or inbound transfer fees. Maybe you don't want to do this because of latency or maybe the transfer speed degrades too much but you didn't mention it on air so IDK.
  7. Unrelated I wanna give a shoutout to my favorite backup solution and the love of my life, borg backup.
  9. I also recently stumbled across a project called borgmatic ( which uses some yaml config to automate borg backups.
  11. Also if you like sanoid try zrepl ( it's like sanoid but more powerful (complicated).
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