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Description: Arch = Gentoo 5 Years Ago? Timestamp: 2013-06-09 16:25:17 +0000
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  1. Watching the Arch Action Show and listening to you guys describe Arch reminds me of Gentoo of back in the 2004-2005 days where you basically build your own Linux distro. Back in around 2004-2005 I was using BSD and it became clear Linux was going to rule the world, so I went with Gentoo so I could learn Linux. Fast forward 8 years and I would never use Arch or Gentoo because I install Linux when I want to get "stuff" done. For example, I need a DHCP/DNS server, I can get this running in a very short time, and is very solid if I choose Debian, Ubuntu Server LTS or CentOS (probably suse and others).
  3. Anyways, I've always seen Arch the same as Gentoo; when you want to learn Linux, you choose those distros, when it's time to get work done and you need something that will be solid for years (with upgrades), you use a Debian or CentOS type distro....
  5. Bring the hate!
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