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  1. Hi Chris. I love this podcast.
  2. I have one question though that has been nagging me since I first heard of bitcoin, or rather litecoin. Namely if in the not so distant future bitcoin is everywhere and is serving as a global standard what is to prevent a government or a group of tech-savvy speculators from inflating "value" by adding another virtual currency such as litecoin to the mix? There are already a dozen or so. So I'm wondering what makes bitcoin so special? It has the most traction at the moment, but if virtual currencies gain greater public mindshare I can see a virtual free-for-all, gobbling up all the various coins in circulation, hoping to cash in on a bubble all over again. Bitcoin is meant to be virtual gold, but it already seems to be one of many.
  4. Thanks for any thoughts on this.
  5. Once again, love the show.
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