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Description: Mail from jails Timestamp: 2014-03-07 04:12:15 +0000
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  1. Hi guys,
  3. By default a new FreeBSD jail behaves like any new FreeBSD installation in that it will run sendmail and listen on port 25.
  5. To improve security, I was wondering if it is possible to not allow sendmail to listen on port 25 and instead simply forward mail from the jail to the host machine's port 25 (simply to collect the daily runs etc).
  7. I have tried doing this by disabling sendmail and enabling DragonFly Mail Agent, however I am having difficulty setting up the aliases file. I currently have
  8. root: root@hostmachine.local
  10. My maillog shows DMA cannot resolve hostmachine.local even though I have it in my jail's hosts file.
  11. remote delivery failed: DNS lookup failure: host hostmachine.local not found
  13. Any ideas? How do you guys collect mail from your jails?
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