Author: Not d*mb a**, now h*oes and j*hns, that likely have aids etc Language: text
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  3. and
  7. write because you F*CKING DUMBA** IMBECILES are GOING TO F*CKING PRISON !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha
  10. None of you have EVER had an ORIGINAL THOUGHT in your LIVES
  11. _______________________________________________________________
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  15. You, STALKER, LIKELY aids & SYPHILIS carrier, ATTEMPTED MURDERER,PERJURER,KICKBACK ARTIST,SOCIOPATH, SUBORN(ER) OF PERJURY,+, are **** NOT **** attractive *at all*. You MORON,+, "mistressmatisse" are ****************** ACTUALLY A SUBMISSIVE , PANDERING TO ABUSIVE MEN ****************************
  18. Absolutely you dreamed of SWALLOWING CUM from a living, when you were five years old, and thought "oh yes" I want 10 million AIDS,SYPHILIS, and gonorrhea infested D*CKS in me by the time I am 30 or 40. You must LOVE AIDS,SYPHILIS, and gonorrhea infested ejaculate swimming around in you.
  20. That goes for all the IDIOTS joining in, in this thread (the part about dreaming about having 10 million AIDS,SYPHILIS, and gonorrhea infested D*CKS in you by the time you are 30 or 40 )
  22. You women NEED TO GET A BACKBONE. So what if people call you feminazis,and man haters. If every women walked out of their homes, and jobs in the United States, women would RULE everything. Think about that. The United States would NOT function without women
  25. Btw, what you STUPID F*CKS wrote is like men saying they know how to treat women because they had sisters, or that TIRED A** line " I want kids and marriage" just so they can get in your pants !!!!!!
  27. Practice makes perfect is TRUE. Men practicing raping over and over again, even on  a doll, means they are perfecting how to rape.
  29. Dolls are NO substitute for human beings either. You think if a man plays with dolls for 40 years, and NEVER was socialized ( had friends, or a significant other ), suddenly that makes them an expert on human interaction ?!!!!!!!!!! WHAT F*CKING DELUSIONAL PLANET ARE YOU LIVING ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  31. What else is likely true about the majority of bdsm people is that NONE of YOU had friends in elementary, junior high, or high school.
  33. Furthermore, why do kids go crazy about wanting to have sex, and especially by the time they hit 16 and 17 years of age ?! Can you say PORN. Then they want to try out what they see in the porn flicks. That's where men get their CRAZY A** F*CKING IDEAS that they want to subject women and their partners to. We would bet 97% of people watching porn are NOT even educated on the FACT that women are RAPED all the time on porn sets, that the ***** ejaculate is fake ***** quite often, and the "producers" do ****** whatever it takes ******* to make the damn porn flick seem real (and like they did absolutely nothing to have it appear that way) READ THE F*CK UP, on the reality of porn, and what actually happens on set !!!!!!!!!!
  35. So you think IDIOTS in the human race, won't get the idea to rape from a doll, if they get F*CKED UP ideas of what sex is supposed to be like, and what women and their partners are supposed to do from porn flicks ?!
  37. You people are 10 cans short of a six pack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
  39.  Yeyo? @YeyoZa 16m16 minutes ago
  40. Replying to @jrwill9 @mistressmatisse @Independent
  42. The sexbot panic started long before there was any notion of rape dolls
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  44. James R Williamson? @jrwill9 18m18 minutes ago
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  47. question I have: why are all the ones I've seen pictures of so unattractive?
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  49. James R Williamson? @jrwill9 19m19 minutes ago
  50. Replying to @YeyoZa
  52. @mistressmatisse @Independent Maybe concern is that if it lets men practice rape they will be more likely to do it in real life.
  56.  Pandarve_Alice? @Pandarve_Alice 27m27 minutes ago
  57. Replying to @mistressmatisse
  59. The same argument is used to make childlike sexdolls prohibited. Only to jail their possesors. Thoughtcrime.
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  61. Rita bo Bita? @azureeblue 3h3 hours ago
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  64. Why do we care about this more than when real women get real raped??  If men are violating this, they're not violating us.
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  66. permabsence? @permabsence 4h4 hours ago
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  69. As if a considerable percentage of rapes hadn't always been perpetrated within family or work environments.
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  71. permabsence? @permabsence 4h4 hours ago
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  74. Cops got out of the uncanny valley by raping everything under the sun, then.
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  76. Mike B? @kingtofu 6h6 hours ago
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  79. The two should go together well.
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  81. Northern Nikki? @NikkioftheNorth 7h7 hours ago
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  84. Is it rape when a woman uses a dildo, or is the dildo consenting?

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