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  1. Hello guys!
  3. During the last show, you asked for a trip report regarding BSDCan 2018.
  5. This was my first time attending BSDCan. However, BSDCan was my second BSD conference overall, my first being vBSDCon 2017 in Reston, VA.
  7. Arriving early Thursday evening and after checking into the hotel, I headed straight to the Red Lion for the registration, picked up my badge and swag and then headed towards the 'DMS' building for the newbies talk. The only thing is, I couldn't find the DMS building! Fortunately I found a BSDCan veteran who was heading there themselves. My only suggestion is to include the full building name and address on the BSDCan web site, or even a link to Google maps to help out with the navigation. The on-campus street maps didn't have 'DMS' written on them anywhere. But I digress.
  9. Once I made it to the newbies talk hosted by Dan Langille and Michael W Lucas, it highlighted places to meet, an overview of what is happening, details about the 'BSDCan widow/widower tours' and most importantly, the 6-2-1 rule!
  11. The following morning, we were present with tea/coffee, muffins and other goodies to help prepare us for the day ahead.
  13. The first talk, "The Tragedy of systemd" covered what systemd did wrong and how the BSD community could improve on the ideas behind it.
  15. With the exception of Michael W Lucas, SSH Key Management and Kirk McKusick, The Evolution of FreeBSD Governance talk, I pretty much attended all of the ZFS talks including the lunchtime BoF session, hosted by Allan Jude. Coming from FreeNAS and being involved in the community, this is where my main interest and motivation lies. Since then I have been able to share some of that information with the FreeNAS community forums and chatroom.
  17. I also attended the "Speculating about Intel" lunchtime BoF session hosted by Theo de Raddt, which proved to be "interesting".
  19. The talks ended with the wrap up session with a few words from Dan, covering the record attendance and made very clear there "was no cabal". Followed by the the handing over of Groff the BSD goat to a new owner, thank you's from the FreeBSD Foundation to various community committers and maintainers, finally ending with the charity auction, where a things like a Canadian $20 bill sold for $40, a signed FreeBSD Foundation shirt originally worn by George Neville-Niel, a lost laptop charger, Michael's used gelato spoon, various books, the last cookie and more importantly, the second to last cookie!
  21. After the auction, we all headed to the Red Lion for food and drinks, sponsored by iXsystems.
  23. I would like to thank the BSDCan organizers, speakers and sponsors for a great conference. I will certainly hope to attend next year!
  25. Regards,
  27. Dave (aka m0nkey_)
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