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Description: Verdun - WW1 FPS in Beta and on Greenlight Timestamp: 2013-06-08 20:28:02 +0000
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We have been busy some time with creating our WW1 FPS game: Verdun. Verdun is a squad based massive multiplayer first person shooter set in the first world war. Inspired by the infamous battle of Verdun in 1916 players are able to take part in never seen before WWI action and it is available for Linux users!!

The game is currently in beta and is doing pretty well! You can check out a video here:

Or just try the beta here:

We are trying to get the game on Steam so we started a Greenlight campaign and we are currently at #73 on Steam Greenlight, with an approval rating of 75%. So we are doing pretty good but we still need a lot more votes so it would be great if you could cover our game on your site. If you want to read more about our game make sure to check out the description on the Steam Greenlight page here:

Thanks for taking the time to read this email! If you need anything from me(images, interview, press kit) please let me know and I will gladly help you.

Best regards,

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