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Description: Follow-up Questions About Nextcloud Timestamp: 2020-07-21 18:17:06 +0000
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  1. Subject: Follow-up Questions About Nextcloud
  2. Message: Chris and Wes,
  4. I really enjoyed the Nextcloud discussion last week. I have a few questions and comments to share:
  6. 1. Are you using Redis? If not, it would likely go a long way towards addressing any concurrency issues you’re still seeing.
  8. 2. Using the S3-compatible storage background has been great for me. The interesting part is that any S3-compatible storage provider will work. I’ve been using a DO droplet with Wasabi as the backend, and it’s both cheaper and more performant than Spaces.
  10. 3. The best thing about Nextcloud is it’s flexibility—there are so many ways to access the files. It works great with the WebDAV support built into GNOME—you can just access the files directly, no need to even use the sync client if you have a solid enough connection.
  12. Just my $.02. I’m a long time listener and still very much enjoy the show.
  14. Eric (Pedestrian on Mumble/IRC)
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