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Description: UEFI + Arch + Core i7 = Only for CPUs Timestamp: 2012-12-30 15:44:21 +0000
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  1. Hey guys,
  3. I recently got myself a nice X-mas present: A lenovo X1 carbon. The first thing I did OBVIOUSLY was to blow away M$ Windoze. I installed ArchLinux however I am puzzled about something.
  5. I am booting the EFISTUB via rEFInd. Everything seems to work nice and stupidly fast thanks to the SSD :D. However, I noticed that only 4 "processors" are shown in /proc/cpuinfo. The computer comes with i7 and HyperThreathing is enabled from the BIOS.
  7. A couple of years ago I remember having issues when installing Arch on a MacBook Pro where the, back then, Core 2 duo was not properly recognized either. I will try over the weekend using grub2 and the usual MBR way t check whether I get back my 8 "processors".
  9. Any thoughts on why on earth is this happening?
  11. Many thanks in advance and keep the hardwork that we keep shopping on Amazon for you ;-)
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