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  1. Hello Noah!
  3. I wanted to say thank you again for the day of job shadowing a couple of years back. I was able to Ace my Microsoft Project course by learning a ton from you, and by bypassing all MS services with FOSS alternatives.
  5. It was a blast. I also had a question, if you get a chance to answer any emails. I seem to do a good job of being busy during the evenings, so I apologize for not calling in. This may be something you were going to get to soon, and I know you had mentioned it briefly.I would like to hear more about your security camera implementation, and more specifically the networking behind it.
  7. Are you using something like AirFiber from Ubiquity? I am interested in learning a bit more about this product or something similar because I have an assisted living office that is beyond 300ft from our closest data room, and trenching fiber was estimated over $10,000. So, I would like to here the practical implementation you experienced so I can understand what I will need to implement a similar solution. This is also a two part question. Could such a solution be practical to back haul the traffic of 18 residences' wireless devices?
  9. I'm also looking at exploring options to install guest wireless for these residence, so understanding if this would be practical would be great. This is a community based assisted living building with limited budgetary restrictions.Thank you again for the show and everything you are doing to give back to the community. I really appreciate the primary focus of education:)
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