Author: Cristian Stefan Totolin Language: python
Description: Not specified Timestamp: 2017-07-02 17:46:49 +0000
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    MASFRL-Client class.
    Holds all communication and work means that a distributed agent
    needs. Communicates with the server using given parameters.

import sys
import threading
from connection.socket_connection import SocketConnection
from masfrl.engine.learner import Learner
from import unstringify
from masfrl.messages import client

class Client:
    def __init__(self, host, port, run_display=True):
        Constructor for the MASFRL-Client class.
        :param host: address of the MASFRL-Server instance (Master)
        :param port: port of the MASFRL-Server instance
        :param run_display: True if display driver should show the work running
                            This will slow down the execution.

        # Open a socket connection to the server
        self.connection = SocketConnection(host, port)

        # Connect to the server

        # Learner
        self.learner = None
        self.worker_thread = None

        # Display flag
        self.run_display = run_display

    def send_work(self):
        Sends work back to MASFRL-Server.
        Should be executed only after MASFRL-Server asked for work.

        # Receive notification from server to send work back

        # Compose return message
        message = client['send_work']
        message['content'] = self.learner.to_string()

        # Send back to server

        # Message received, stop learner

    def work(self):
        Starts listening for a work message from MASFRL-Server.
        Once received, will start running chosen RL algorithm on given

        # Inform server we need work
        message = self.connection.receive_message()

        # Create learner using received environment
        env = unstringify(message['content']['environment'])
        algorithm = message['content']['algorithm']
        self.learner = Learner(env, self.run_display)

        # Listen for a message on a separate thread
        self.worker_thread = threading.Thread(target=self.send_work)
        self.worker_thread.daemon = True

        # Run learner on main thread

        # Exit script
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