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  1. Digging Up the Mountains.pdf ebook, pdf, Fiction - General, General, Fiction,
  2. Celestial Navigation.pdf ebook, pdf, American - General, Poetry / General, Poetry,
  3. The Game of Our Lives.pdf ebook, pdf, Hockey, Sports & Recreation / General, Winter Sports, Sports & Recreation,
  4. Life in the Clearings versus the Bush.pdf ebook, pdf, Biography: historical, Social history, Politics/International Relations, Fiction - General, Canada, General, Biography & Autobiography / General,
  5. Away.pdf ebook, pdf, Fiction - General, Fiction,
  6. Going Deep  Exploring Spirituality in Life and Leadership.pdf ebook, pdf, Business, Religion, Spirituality,
  7. Deviant Nurses And Improper Patient Care A Study of Failure in the Medical Profession.pdf ebook, pdf, Criminal or forensic psychology, Nursing, Nurses, Medical, Medical / Nursing, Nursing ethics, Nursing - General, Caregiving, Medical - General, Attitudes, Nursing errors,
  8. The Narrative Functions of Repetition in John Milton's Paradise Regained.pdf ebook, pdf, Poetry & poets: 16th to 18th centuries, Literary Criticism, Poetry, English, British Isles, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Repetition (Rhetoric), Repetition in literature,
  9. The Act of Teaching English What Effective Teachers Do in Their Classrooms.pdf ebook, pdf, Teaching Methods & Materials - General, Study and teaching, Education / Teaching, Education, Research, Teaching, Classroom Management, English language,
  10. Determining your public library's future size a needs assessment and planning model.pdf ebook, pdf, Library architecture -- United States., Public libraries -- United States.,
  11. Disputatio Nova Contra Mulieres/a New Argument Against Women A Criticial Translation from the Latin With Commentary, Together With the Original Latin ... Critical Editions and Translations , Vol 1).pdf ebook, pdf, Christian theology, Literary studies: 16th to 18th centuries, Other prose: 16th to 18th centuries, Women's studies, Theology, Feminist, Religion - Theology, Literary Criticism, Women, Christian Theology - Feminine, Early works to 1800, Christianity, Religious aspects,
  12. Arts approaches to conflict.pdf ebook, pdf, Conflict management -- Methodology., Art therapy., Art and society., Arts -- Therapeutic use.,
  13. 40 [i.e. Quarante] ans, l'age d'or (Editions du jour, Montreal. [Publications. Hors collection] ; K-6).pdf ebook, pdf,
  14. The Canadian Modernists Meet.pdf ebook, pdf, Literary studies: from c 1900 -, Literature - Classics / Criticism, American English, Literary Criticism, Canada, Canadian, Literary Criticism & Collections / Canadian,
  15. Getting The Word Out La Diffusion de la recherche feministe au Canada.pdf ebook, pdf, Women's studies, Women, Feminism, Gender Studies, Sociology, Women's Studies - General, Feminism & Feminist Theory, Social Science / Feminism & Feminist Theory, Canada, Congresses, Research,
  16. Multiculturalism and the History of International Relations from the 18th  Century Up to the Present.pdf ebook, pdf, International Relations - General, Political Science, History - General History, Politics/International Relations, General,
  17. Country Brides A Little Bit Country\Country Bride.pdf ebook, pdf, Romance - Contemporary, Fiction / General, Romance - General, Fiction, Fiction - Romance, Romance: Modern,

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