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Description: RE: Questions regarding the Rothschild patent suit Timestamp: 2020-05-27 18:16:48 +0000
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  1. Hi Chris,
  3. On Mon, 2020-05-25 at 21:05 -0700, Chris Fisher wrote:
  4. > Hello Neil, Chris from Jupiter Broadcasting here. Congratulations on
  5. > the patent suit.
  6. >
  7. > I have just some brief questions for you that would be helpful for
  8. > our coverage.
  9. >
  10. > I noticed on Reddit, when asked how much money Gnome forked out, the
  11. > reply was “not a penny”.
  12. >
  13. > Could you just briefly clarify how the donated money to help fight
  14. > the case was spent?
  16. Sure. As with any court case, things get expensive fast. Although our
  17. lawyers were working pro-bono, there's a large number of other expenses
  18. we have, from court filing fees and prior art searches to flights and
  19. hotels.
  21. The important thing for me was to show that we didn't pay RPI for the
  22. settlement agreement - they didn't receive any money from us.
  24. > Also - any details you can share that are eluded too in this comment:
  25. >
  26. > If you are an upstream author, you can email me (via
  27. > please!) and receive a copy of the full agreement
  28. > so you can study it yourself and see what we had to give grounds on.
  29. >
  30. > Are there any details you can share with me?
  31. >
  33. I'm a little restrained here. Usually, a settlement agreement is
  34. confidential. In this particular case, I wanted to ensure that those
  35. affected by the Covenant Not to Sue was able to inspect the protections
  36. we had gained for them. (And also to show we didn't pay RPI any money!)
  38. This means that I can pass on the full and unedited agreement to those
  39. who are arguably covered by the CNS. This means that anyone who has
  40. authored a non-trivial bit of free software can request a copy, but I
  41. can't just put it on a website.
  43. However, if you have any particular questions about the agreement, I
  44. can answer them!
  46. Neil
  47. --
  48. Neil McGovern
  49. Executive Director, The GNOME Foundation
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