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Description: TOR Proxy via a Jail or VM? Timestamp: 2013-06-20 17:31:08 +0000
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  1. Hey there Chris and Allan.
  3. I saw the recent episode of LAS talking about the Raspberry Pi Tor proxy. It was pretty awesome.
  5. I've got a related question that could be relevant to both LAS and TechSNAP; is it possible to set up a VM or a jail as a tor proxy locally and proxy all traffic through there? If that's possible, how would one set it up then to proxy all traffic through that VM, rather than just connecting regularly?
  7. I know applications can get around system proxy settings and connect outside of tor, so how would one force all packets to be encrypted and sent through Tor?
  9. I'm sorry if this is newbie question but I myself am quite new to networking and such.
  10. I love all of your highly informative content, keep up the amazing work!
  12. Regards,
  13. An anonymous viewer
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