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Description: The magic that happens under the covers on MS dev tools. Timestamp: 2013-06-10 15:24:48 +0000
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  1. I've been a developer for over 10 years. I've done Java development some Perl back in the day. But the vast majority of what I've done has been on the MS side.
  3. The defining attribute of any MS tool set is that it streamlines development via abstraction as much as possible. And I always use the term Magic(tm) too. Not sure why the chat room wasn't liking it. Because that is exactly what MS tools provide. Think back to original Visual Basic. In fact, it was worse than because the designer generated files were binary. You couldn't see what it did. With .NET languages the generated files are code. So really the abstraction is to be expected from any mainstream MS programing toolset.
  5. Even from an API standpoint. When you compare something like reading/writing files between .NET and Java. .NET provides level functionality where you can read from the stream directly, or you can with a single method call read the full file to end, decoded using the default text encoder and have it return the string. You just can't do that in Java. The downside of this is that people that don't truly appreciate what actually happens under the covers tend to write inefficient code. They don't understand the weight of one method call vrs another call. They might read the full file just to get the first line.
  7. Also the problem that was mentioned on the show where sometimes you don't really have any documentation to know how something works I've ran into several times. Coincidently what I needed to know was also with the async calls that you can make. And you can't really find that info. You just have to trust that it's right.
  9. On the flip side MS is fanatical about maintaining backwards compat. You're practically guaranteed from an API standpoint that chances are things will not change. Not always, but compared to anybody else they're very reliable in that regard.
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