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Description: The VHS of Software... Timestamp: 2018-12-31 18:10:25 +0000
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  1. Hi Chris & Mike,
  3. I've been listing since episode one. I remember when Coder Radio was being announced on LAS! The start of my software career and this show happened around the same time. I've never missed an episode.
  5. A couple episodes ago, Chris struck a cord in regards to the future of Microsoft and Electron. It just so happens that weeks prior, I decided Node.js had staying power and it was time for me to get involved. I come from a strong SQL and Java background, i.e. well established technologies. I've branched off several times to learn Haskell, Clojure, Scala, and Qt. After learning these technologies and watching their adoption and communities flat-line or decline, I now feel like a defeated Viking sailing back with no treasure after a long raid.
  7. When learning something new I tend to have similar thoughts as Mike (or at least I think based on his comments). I remember back when Mike had his first run with Qt years ago. He got me excited about it and I could see why. There's an architecture beauty to Qt that causes a software developer to assume Qt has to take off, how can such an engineering accomplishment not? It's like this with so many great languages and frameworks. I think the comments Chris made about Microsoft and Electron have weight.
  9. Not because Node.js, JavaScript, and Electron are great technologies but because JavaScript has become the lowest common denominator for inexperienced developers to write a lot of code, quickly, and often make big messes in the process. It’s also proving to fulfill the write-once-run-anywhere promise. My hope for 2019 and beyond is that Microsoft will get a head of this. Being more of a Linux guy, I never expected Microsoft to be the sheppard for so many open source projects, and now they have the potential to start replacing major applications with Electron.
  11. Great show guys, best of luck for 2019.
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