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  1. The Issue
  3. Australia's older generation (those aged 65 and over) continues to grow and is projected to more than double by 2057.
  4. The ageing of the population creates both pressures and opportunities for Australia's health sectors.
  6. As Australia’s aging population continues to grow, optimising the populations’ health and wellbeing is an increasingly important economic and medical challenge.
  8. Direct challenges for the health system will include:
  10. •     Changing health profiles
  11. •     Increased demand for health service use
  12. •     Rising health costs.
  14. What role do health care facilities and services play in achieving better health for all Australians?
  15. Demand for health services is affected by many factors, but older people are generally higher users of health services than younger people, and so demand is expected to increase with the ageing population.
  17. To some extent, access to healthcare services and facilities are equitable for all Australians.
  19. However, the degree of access to health services relies heavily on an individual’s:
  21. •     Sociocultural
  22. •     Socioeconomic and
  23. •     Environmental determinants
  25. There has been an attempt by the government to make the access more equitable for all Australians through numerous approaches, but there is still an inadequate amount of access to health services for a large number of Australians. Evidently, the degree of access to services for Australia needs improvement for equity in health for all.
  27. How are services adapting?
  29. There number of government funded health services is rising to keep up with the demand. One of the many concerns about Australia health care systems is the high cost and lack of access for specific groups to services.
  31. Government funded health services is one of the many types of health services Australia has to offer.
  32. One service which is helping to rectify this issue of accessibility are home doctor services.
  34. These services offer treatment to patients in their own home, appealing to more than half (58%) of all older Australians.
  36.  “We encourage families to have a conversation with loved ones about staying in their own home and if older Australians are staying within their own home, access to healthcare after hours is an option,” says Dr Ryan Harvey from <a href="">House Call Doctor</a>.
  38. “Accessibility is a major focus of our service and we are always looking at ways to better service regional areas. Over the past 3 years of operation we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of our cars out on the road enabling the doctors to see more patients every day.” Dr Harvey said.
  40. Extending the Life of Australians
  42. The elderly are a crucial part of Australia’s population and their health is an important economic challenge facing Australia. However, extending a lifetime of good health enables older Australians to continue to contribute socially, culturally and economically in their community.
  44. “It is important to appreciate what Australia has to offer. We have some of the best health outcomes for individuals compared to the rest of the world and are lucky enough to have access to universal health care.” Dr Harvey said.
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