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Author: Bart Language: text
Description: Microservices Timestamp: 2018-01-22 18:42:12 +0000
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  1. Hey Chris en Mike!
  3. First, thanks for the awesome podcasts, I really enjoy listening to Coder Radio.
  4. It's very relaxing to listen to and a fun way to stay up to date :)
  6. In episode 292 Mike talked about his mythical macbook hipster working with microservices, mentioning that sometimes a "giant monolith" is the way to go.
  7. I recently started a new job at a small financial startup and I am now working on a giant (GIANT) monolith, and started trying to push working towards a REST API.
  8. First to work with an internal API and then slowly making it external so customers can start using it.
  10. I am very much opposed to using monoliths since I think it makes writing bad code too attractive.
  11. My current codebase has some terrible anti-patterns and bad practices which I commonly see in monoliths, but this happens less when I work with API codebases.
  12. We are also bound to just our framework (Symfony), which makes using a front-end framework less accessible, effectively slowing down development.
  14. My question with all this is, when would a monolith actually be useful?
  15. The way I see it is that a backend framework can be used to create the endpoints, after which a frontend framework can be used to create a nice interface leveraging all the benefits available from both frameworks.
  16. However, with only a Django/Rails/Symfony you are kind of stuck with.. just that, right?
  18. I hope my question is clear!
  19. Keep up the great shows! :)
  21. Bart (or Infergo on IRC)
  23. PS. Please do not think I like working with PHP. What a terrible language.
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