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Author: Nico Language: text
Description: How could I measure all of these overhead performance hits Timestamp: 2018-01-11 18:58:58 +0000
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  1. Hello Chris and Wes,
  2. Bit of a funky question and situation here, curious about your point of view.
  4. My company's IT Security team has rolled out a few "measures" such as Triton AP endpoint, McAfee's DLP solution, and probably a network-level DPI (I suspect, because a bunch of HTTPS sites were broken without the company's intermediate certificate).
  6. I think that because of all these, my computer's performance has gone downhill. Files transfers from a network share in the LAN run at less than 3MB/sec, and even copying to a USB3 device on a local USB3 port on my computer transfers at less than 10MB/sec.
  8. My question: how could I measure all of these overhead performance hits, so I can put in a well educated request to adjust all of these components, so I have a computer that performs near its capacity?
  10. My computer is running Win7. I do have access to another Win7 test computer that is not in the corporate domain, so I was thinking of doing some simple A/B testing of copying the same files (network, USB) and highlighting the differences in performance. But I wonder: is there a sysinternals tool that lets me see all the processes that touch a file as it gets transferred? Or any debug-like way of really breaking down what's really going on?
  12. Keep up the great show, I'm loving the reboot!
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