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Description: Remote Office Timestamp: 2020-09-08 16:06:11 +0000
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  1. Sorry in advance being a "nube" and yes i probably spelled that wrong.
  3. On one of your shows you talked about how you linked your RV to the office network. i have looked for more info on this and i am hitting a brick wall.
  5. i have satellite internet at both my office and my home. i would like to get ssh access to my work computer and access some sheared drives.
  7.  both my desktop and laptop run POPOS!! and i have not looked back. with out going any longer in to my background this is all to say i have a good understanding of programming and and networking from the mid 90's but have been out of touch on it all.
  9. back to my question i have a droplet that is runing a mail server and would like to use it to for this project. i know i have given you a lot but any help you can give me a thank you.
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