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Description: What would you do to make a SoHo server the most reliable? Timestamp: 2014-06-12 17:46:57 +0000
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  1. Hi guys!!
  3. Big fan of your shows at Jupiter Broadcasting! I listed to most of them religiously!
  5. I have been increasingly wondering how to configure and use my SoHo server's hardware to make it the most reliable possible... My server currently has a Supermicro mobo (H8DCL-iF) with dual socket Opteron 4334, 64GB ECC DDR3 RAM, a ServeRAID M5016 with BBU and 1GB Cache, a M1015 HBA (in IT mode), 2X 300GB 15krpm SAS2 HDD's, and 9 SATA3 (all 2TB) drives HDD's, all powered by a HX1050 Corsair PSU and backed by a APC 1500VA SmartUPS.
  7. Thanks to one of your Linux Action Shows, I am currently using Proxmox VE for my pfsense VM, CentOS server, a Musicbrainz VM running on Ubuntu server, and another test VM. All is currently running fine but watching your shows, I am pretty sure that I am not doing it properly and therefore do not benefit from the most reliable setup I could have..
  9. The two SAS drives are configured as RAID1 on the M5016 and Proxmox is installed on the resulting volume along with the VM's and containers (because of the performance). Data (my files, my client's backups, VM backups, etc) are stored on a hardware RAID5 also from the M5016 using 3 SATA drives. This volume is passed to the Centos VM as a raw (unformatted) LVM and formatted as ext4 from the VM. Finally, the remaining 6 SATA drives are connected to the M1015 (as HBA) and assembled as a mdadm RAID5 and formatted with ZFS and passed to the CentOS VM for use..
  11. This setup is MESSY. With that hardware, how would you reconfigure that monster with data INTEGRITY in mind??? I care about performance, but I care a lot MORE about data integrity. Please do criticize and do not refrain from suggesting to restart from scratch because this is what I will probably do.
  13. Sorry for the lengthy message =D
  15. Big thanks and congrats on your shows!!
  16. Louis-Philippe
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