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No, in my case I think the email was legit. Just not very professional.

Turns out that the supplied tracking link of course was incorrect, but a correct link could be constructed using that link and the parcel number in the email subject line.

I had not originally noticed that the parcel number in the link and in the email subject line, were different. Some kind of copy and paste mistake,

When I look at that tracking, it seems correct. According to that, the package was originally shipped on the 23rd of May (2013), which matches with the dates of the email correspondence I was having with DX at the time.

Interestingly the tracking shows that TOLL only tried to deliver the package the once and not several times as claimed. On the 27th, which confirms my belief that that claim of attempted delivery was BS since I know for certain that not only was I there all day, but so were a whole bunch of other people also.

27th of May was a birthday in the family, that is why I remember that day in particular. No, it wasn't the kind of birthday party with loud music where people would not hear or notice someone at the door. A very quiet and dignified family get-together and the doorbell is quite loud.

Aside from the doorbell, the dog is very sensitive to strangers approaching the front door and starts barking before they even ring the bell, even if she's at the other end of the house. Not sure how she does that, extra sensitive hearing I assume, but that is very reliable also.

I got a phone call Thursday morning (June 6th) from a guy from TOLL. He explained that they'd tried to deliver the package several times (sic - this was before I worked out the tracking mix up and had no clue of what the tracking claimed).

I have no idea why TOLL waited over a week to contact me (from the 27th to the 6th). Presumably someone from DX asked them too.

My last reply to that email, I sent a cc to Tiffany, which is one of the few DX emails I know, even though that is from the old site domain and for all I know doesn't even work anymore. In that email I still refused to chase up the matter with the interstate phone number. Had it been a local number I would have just called it. I also asked, again, why I had supplied a phone number if the courier company wasn't going to use it. I also asked whether I was providing a service, or whether TOLL was providing a service. I was a little bit miffed at the time.

I get the impression that TOLL was waiting for ME to contact THEM and prepared to wait indefinitely. How I was supposed to contact them, I have no idea. How was I supposed to know that they had attempted to deliver a package? No card had been left. I had received no phone call. Was I supposed to be psychic?

Not to mention that I did not have a TOLL contact number. I did not have a parcel number or tracking link at that stage even. I can imagine the run around of trying to explain that with a non-specific, vague idea of some package with unknown tracking number at timed interstate phone call rates lol and I only had that interstate phone number after the "DX" email. Surely a decent service would have contacted me via a card or a phone call after the supposedly failed first attempted delivery?

A courtesy call to indicate when the package will be delivered? No. A followup call or card to indicate that delivery was attempted and needs to be rescheduled? No. Amazing service.

Anyhow, so I'm finally talking on the phone to the guy from TOLL on Thursday morning. He sounded mostly ok.

He seemed to think that it might be more convenient for them to drop off the package at a local newsagent where I could collect it from. This sounded strange to me. Might as well leave it with a random neighbor. Why the hell would I want to do that? Not like the address is out in the bush or somewhere remote. Regular metropolitan suburbs ffs. Maybe more convenient for them. Not for me. So we arranged to deliver it the next day, to the address on the package, as originally intended.

(I ended up totally forgetting to ask whether they would be prepared to drop off the parcel at Australia Post where I have my Post Office Box. That would be convenient and I'd be ok with that - would save me having to be tied up all day waiting for them to provide their service.)

He said it would be delivered some time between 8am and 2pm. I asked whether that could be narrowed down a bit, to perhaps between 12 noon and 2pm or something, to avoid having to sit around all day waiting for it. No, it couldn't. However he could give me a phone number (a local one) which I could use to get more specific timing tomorrow after the package had been picked up by the driver. I would need to call though. They couldn't just call me to tell me once they figured it out.

I asked whether there was any particular time I should wait for, before calling the next day to get a more accurate indication of the delivery time. He said any time after about 10:30am should be fine. I blinked, and pointed out that he had just told me that the package might be delivered by 8am already. He realised that was strange/funny, but that was just how it was. Ok, so I said that I would be there at 8am. He pointed out that it might not be there at 8am, that it might only be in a later run. I said that that is fine, but if there are multiple runs, couldn't it be allocated to a later run? No. Not an option. Don't have control to that detail it seems. Can't specify the package for specific runs. Something about it not being convenient for the drivers or the drivers would be at it all day if they started that kind of thing.

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