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Author: Zane Language: text
Description: A quick QML Correction Timestamp: 2013-05-13 15:32:59 +0000
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  1. Hey guys!
  3. I just saw the last call-in show (CR48) and just wanted to point a quick correction. You guys mentioned how you could not use JavaScript and QML to make an application in Qt without using C++ for logic.
  5. Actually, you can. It's not that bad at all. You layout the UI in QML, import the JavaScript you need for logic and call those functions in your QML. You can also do local storage in QML and JavaScript using QResource files.
  7. Your call-in probably could not get local storage because he was using sublime text instead of Qt Creator which builds your resource files. I just wanted to point this out. Thanks for the awesome show fellas!
  9. -Zane Swafford
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