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  1. George Neville-Neil             The Realities of DTrace on FreeBSD
  2. Michael Shirk                   The State of Network Security Tools on BSD
  3. Jonathan Anderson               Oblivious sandboxing: developments in transparent sandboxing with Capsicum
  4. Sam Gwydir                      The History and Future of Core Dumps in FreeBSD
  5. John-Mark Gurney & Dean Freeman Deep Dive into FreeBSD's Kernel RNG
  6. Paul Vixie                      Making gets() and its Friends more like SIGPIPE and SIGILL
  7. Samy Bahra                      Modern Multicore Synchronization and Concurrency Kit
  8. Benedict Reuschling             BSD Systems Management with Ansible
  9. Michael Dexter                  Isolated build BSD environments using virtual and hardware machines
  10. G. Clifford Williams            Using pkgsrc for multi-platform deployments in heterogeneous environments
  11. Dr. Kyle Kneisl                 Thinking About BSD Community Dynamics
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