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  1. 20:10:23<dsort> lemme show you something
  2. 20:10:29<dsort> wait
  3. 20:10:43<dsort> well it's just this:
  4. 20:10:54<dsort> you can maybe do a dash attack after knocking them down with D>A.
  5. 20:11:14<member17> ya i think i knowhow
  6. 20:11:26<dsort> whoops
  7. 20:11:30<dsort> did you know about that?
  8. 20:11:35<member17> ya
  9. 20:11:42<member17> i tried on fiol twice
  10. 20:11:47<member17> he knew so he just waited
  11. 20:11:48<dsort> what :|
  12. 20:14:04<member17> yay
  13. 20:14:05<member17> it hit
  14. 20:14:29<member17> the >JA after grab
  15. 20:14:32<member17> it only works if u're host
  16. 20:14:35<member17> or in 1p
  17. 20:14:36<member17> right
  18. 20:14:37<member17> coz
  19. 20:14:38<member17> client
  20. 20:14:39<dsort> wait what?
  21. 20:14:48<member17> the dash attack hitting
  22. 20:14:52<member17> the guy after throw
  23. 20:14:53<dsort> oh
  24. 20:15:07<member17> iirc u must be host to be able to do it
  25. 20:15:07<dsort> wait no I don't get it.
  26. 20:15:25<member17> in network game u only see half the frames
  27. 20:15:37<dsort> WHAT
  28. 20:15:39<member17> client sees 2nd half
  29. 20:15:44<member17> host sees first half
  30. 20:15:51<dsort> ok
  31. 20:17:02<member17> wee run bug
  32. 20:17:22<member17> can't do it
  33. 20:17:29<dsort> Kevin and I and perhaps others I don't know call it direct running.
  34. 20:17:41<dsort> maaaan
  35. 20:17:45<member17> i can do the dash after grabs pretty much all the time
  36. 20:17:51<member17> but i can't get it to hit
  37. 20:17:53<dsort> if you say so
  38. 20:17:54<member17> on network
  39. 20:18:13<dsort> Explain to me again why it doesn't work?
  40. 20:18:24<member17> frames ABABABABABAB
  41. 20:18:25<member17> so
  42. 20:18:33<member17> A is even, B is odd
  43. 20:18:37<member17> client sees B
  44. 20:18:42<member17> u need to input the > on the A
  45. 20:18:44<member17> frames
  46. 20:18:46<member17> to do it
  47. 20:18:54<member17> but client can only input on the B frames
  48. 20:19:25<member17> firen can do the > D>A >JA easier
  49. 20:19:31<dsort> whaaaat
  50. 20:19:33<member17> or DVJ etc.
  51. 20:19:45<member17> or for dennis u have to be nearer
  52. 20:20:10<member17> wait u can't
  53. 20:20:15<member17> can u
  54. 20:20:37<dsort> I seem to remember you can.
  55. 20:21:06<zort> yep, in my notes: Dennis, Davis, others can knock down with balls followed by direct run dash attack
  56. 20:21:37<member17> so close
  57. 20:21:38<dsort> I dunno :p
  58. 20:21:46<dsort> maybe it was against a wall.
  59. 20:22:59<member17> :(I
  60. 20:23:03<dsort> Man, I like this latency. Comfortable and consistent.
  61. 20:23:03<member17> now we'll never know
  62. 20:23:04<member17> haha
  63. 20:23:21<dsort> yeah whatever
  64. 20:23:25<dsort> try it offline with a dummy some time
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