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  1. ChrisLAS.. I feel you have a responsibility here to blast Ubuntu/Connical. You recently railed against Google for being a bad steward of Android. And upon further consideration I am coming to agree with you.
  3. I would advance to you Sir that Connonical is guilty of the same thing with Ubuntu: being a poor Steward for the Linux platform.
  4. Now Although Linux is not Ubuntu, but there is mainstream thought to the contrary. As such I believe that Ubuntu became a de facto steward of Linux in whole. Connical's focus on mobile has ruined their focus and therefore infected their stewardship of Linux. Is there any way to wrestle the rest of the *buntu away from Ubuntu?
  6. I mean, I am currently using Kubuntu, mostly because I don't like unity. But what reason is there for a point release, waiting for the next iteration of Unity? I beleive Cnnonical should be only responsible for Unity, that way if they want to focus on mobile, fine... but leave the rest of the base (*buntu) to innovate.
  8. In LUP 9, you basically opined for division of base Linux pieces(kernel etc and application / driver layer. I would posit to you that there is such bastion in computing, but unfortunatly it's not based on the Linux kernel, that would be BSD.
  9. I believe that neither of us want to live in a world where Allen is correct and BSD is better than Linux (still love you Allen, and I will never be wrong in your presence again).
  11. So in the end I suppose that my question is: is there a distro out there where the base (kernel, tools, etc) is separated from the userspace?
  12. If not, What about a Jupiter distro to accomplish just such a thing?
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