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Description: Owncloud and HTTPS Timestamp: 2014-10-23 18:36:40 +0000
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  1. Hi guys,
  3. I have been a linux user since 2000 and continue to use it on my laptops, but
  4. on my servers I have pfsense set up as my firewall/router and freenas for my
  5. storage needs. I have come to love the availability of jails/plugins;
  6. plexmedia server is serving my media needs and owncloud 7 helps me back up my
  7. files.
  9. I have made my owncloud plugin available in a DMZ, and it works great, but I
  10. would like to set it up to always connect through https. I get confused with setting
  11. up certificates, saving them, and making it all available to the server.
  13. (Even though I am comfortable with CLI, SSH, etc., I am a nurse by profession
  14. and don't have too much time to hunt down the answers on the interwebs.)
  16. Thanks for your help and the show,
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