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  1. Mike and Chris,
  3. Responding to listener Matt's question about learning OOP.
  5. I took a class by Allen Holub [] which which really got me off to a good start. It might not be possible for you to take a class to get started in OOP but you might consider it. What brought me further than Allen's class was the notion of design patterns, which Allen really took the time to emphasize during his class.
  7. So I would recommend two books after you feel like you have a feel for doing basic projects in your OO language. The first is
  8. _Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software_
  9. []
  10. and the second is:
  11. _Refactoring, Improving the Design of Existing Code_
  12. []
  14. Try reading the Design Patterns first, but lightly. It is rather a reference book, and you might not get the cleverness of the patterns at first, but don't worry. But then make a dedicated effort to read Refactoring. I found that I learned so much more about OO from the Refactoring book than I learned from the patterns book -- because it shows why huge middens of nested if statements are evil, and more reasons. I got it so well that I was inspired to go re-read Design Patterns again because now I knew why these patterns were forms of solutions, not just dogma.
  16. There is plenty of OO dogma out there, of course.
  18. Cheers,
  20. Jed
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