Author: Egon Language: text
Description: podcast acceleration vs silence Timestamp: 2014-08-25 17:18:23 +0000
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  1. Dear Mike and Chris,
  3. two episodes ago you discussed podcast acceleration software, that is able to speed
  4. up shows by removing silence.
  6. As a passionate non-listener to your show I want to say this:
  7. There is more information in your show than the bits and bytes in the words. Whenever Mike need a few,or more, seconds to start to give an answer, the tension
  8. and expectations start to build up.
  9. Why is the struggling for words? Will he bash PHP? Will he promote products
  10. from the company with the bitten fruit logo?
  11. These moments add texture and mood to the podcast. If I would still listen, I
  12. definitely wouldn't want to miss that silence.
  14. Keep up the presumably good work,
  15. Egon
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