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Author: Jitty Language: text
Description: Feedback: Micro Timestamp: 2020-10-02 19:25:29 +0000
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  1. ChrisLAS,
  3. Lately you have been mentioning text editors and listing some picks for editors on LUP (I think to replace nano). Then I heard you praise nano on  the latest episode of LUP which I used to do until I found Micro.It's probably the last terminal text editor you will ever use. Very sane and easy to figure out default hotkeys, syntax highlighting right out of the box and mouse support. It's basically what Nano should have been. (written in Go).
  5. I was surprised micro didn't even come up in conversation when talking about text editors on LUP.
  7. I should add that Micro has a hotkey that exposes a host of other very powerful options (the hotkey escapes me ATM) which basically gives you a cross between Vim and Nano overall. The best feature though, in my opinion, is the prompt that asks you if you meant to edit a file with sudo, which then runs sudo if you answer yes.
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