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Description: Using all TEH Cores? Timestamp: 2013-05-23 19:15:38 +0000
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  1. Hi guys,
  3. Big Techsnap fan.
  5. You have helped me out tremendously with my job. I work for a small animation company in the UK and have assumed the role of general systems admin (everyone else is mostly Mac users). We had a need to have a NAS storage for a render farm. After listening to the show i decided to build a small FreeNAS box with 6 traditional HDD and 16GB ram running raid-Z2, performance is key and redundancy is important but not critical. We use it as a temporary storage for working animations and renders.
  7. The data is copied to local user machines upon completion, and is constantly being accessed from multiple sources. The performance we achieve is stunning and and snapshoting is a great bonus, however you can always want more. Is this the best set-up for us? Or could higher performance be achieved for both throughput and latency with raid-0 with mirror or other setup?
  9. Also we have a 64p amd (4x6282se) with 32GB ram render node, that is part of our render farm. I am having a little trouble utilizing all of the cores and keeping them saturated. After various tests i have found splitting the machine up to run 15 jobs, with 4 cores per task, leaving 4 cores spare achieves decent results however it is not great.
  11. It also has the issue for slow start-up, such that the last few tasks lag behind significantly. As well running 15 tasks increases the strain on our network and disk i/o as we are limited to bonded gigabit due to cost constraints. All of our machines run Debian stable. Is there anything i can do to tweak the CPU scheduler or kernel to achieve better performance? Would switching the machines to PC-BSD with a Debian jail help? I have heard FreeBSD handles more cores better, is this accurate?
  13. Thanks, and i as always ill continue to watch Techsnap for all the great advice and security news.
  15. P.S. i also switched our untangle box over to pfsense, even though untangle worked great as i had such a great experience with FreeNAS. Also i use linux as my primary machine and run various Linux native applications running including, Maya, Mari, Nuke, Arnold, Thinkbox Deadline and various other cli apps/scripts. However i do run a VM with windows for Photoshop.
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