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Description: VPS on the cheap? (v3) Timestamp: 2013-05-14 08:19:55 +0000
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  1. Hi!
  3. Can you recommend a cheap VPS service? I would like to write a website in Python and Django, or perhaps in another Python framework, but afaik GoDaddy's regular web hosting for ~5-8 USD isn't very flexible and isn't enough to run Django.
  5. Amazon EC2's light, small, Linux instance costs about 25 USD minimum per month, which is too much for me as a student who only want something basic to play around with. Dreamhost, on the other hand, cheapest VPS costs 15 USD monthly, but are there any better alternatives than that?
  7. Or would it be easier to look at Ruby on Rails instead, perhaps with GoDaddy? I haven't really committed myself to anything yet, but I'm curious what cheap platforms are available. Regardless of VPS, I would need to get a domain from GoDaddy too, right?
  9. // Daniel
  11. hey Daniel. there is a free service on where you can play around with python and django. it gives you 500mb space.
  13. //Oz
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