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Author: Charles Language: text
Description: Charles is looking for books Timestamp: 2012-09-02 05:08:37 +0000
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  1. Charles writes...
  3.         Greetings out there in Jupiter Land!
  5. Are there some really great books that help someone learn the guts of Linux? You know, really learn the finer points of administering your own system from the command line?
  7. I'll have been using Linux for a year in October (November if you only count from when I completely removed Windows).
  9. My only real troubles have been websites for jobs developed only for IE, online jobs that require Windows only proprietary software, and wacky interpretation of files between Libreoffice and MS Office (that and MS Office creates all these .Ink files). (And yes, I've used WINE plenty already).
  11. While I consider myself to be more than your standard end user who "clicks on the E to get the Internet," there's so much I still don't know by way of system administration on my own computer (e.g. modprobe, fstab, chroot, etc). I've used such commands as the result of forum recommendations to fix errors on my system, but my instincts to use this or that command are just bad bad bad.
  13. I do know my way around grep and ifconfig though. I realize that some of this is my fault for using more user friendly distros but when it's for a production machine, and I have no other machines, I need something that works out of the box.
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