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Description: Can't quite make the switch! Timestamp: 2013-06-02 16:00:48 +0000
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  1.  have been a Linux user, on and off, since ubuntu 6.04 and I REALLY want to switch permanently away from M$ but every single distro lets me down one way or another. I was a fan of Mint when it began but left after Gloria and turned my back on linux for several years.
  3. There is no one reason for this other than there is ALWAYS something that lets me down with any distro I choose. In the past it has been the hours of time trying to get wireless drivers working or video drivers, or wireless keyboards and mice.
  5. I thought that this time, with mint 15 (and 14), I was ready to make the permanent switch, and also set my family's computers up on linux too but, after 3 days I have found the issue which is the show-stopper for me - iTunes.
  7. I have an iPhone (don't hate me for that) and so do most members of my extended family. I am willing to give up using iTunes in favour of a different music player BUT i cant as nothing I have tried can access the music on my phone, not to mention backing up the apps. I thought Banshee was going to be my saviour when I saw the phone pop up in the side bar but only 16 of the 200 songs could be found. I simply cannot understand why the others are not showing. Because of this I can not backup my music, not to mention apps, and as for photos - the image managers show EVERY picture file on the phone, including every album picture etc.
  9. The only advice I get is "get a different music player" but that is not good enough. I can't tell my entire family that if they want Linux (which I love, don't get me wrong) then they will need to bin the phones that they spent 500 on. Am I being silly and not spotting an obvious fix in Banshee to see all of my music. Any advice will be much appreciated.
  11. Another issue I am having is that my internet connection (while it says it is connected) often hangs on pages in both Firefox and Chromium. (ath5k chipset)
  13. Sorry to have gone on but it is very frustrating to have an OS that you really want to love, but something always lets you down. I really don't want to go back to windows but I will not be dual booting as it drives the wife nuts and we both want Linux to be our only OS. Is there any way that this can still happen?
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