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  1. <redsaurus> it's not an issue in base EnsiPhone
  2. <EnsiPhone> what isnt
  3. <redsaurus> model_siege
  4. <redsaurus> or at least not actually in-game
  5. <EnsiPhone> we havent changed skin code
  6. <redsaurus> there's some max_qpath stuff going on
  7. <EnsiPhone> probably
  8. <redsaurus> well, there's different behaviour anyway EnsiPhone
  9. <EnsiPhone> so fix it
  10. <EnsiPhone> how do you know max_qpath is involved
  11. <EnsiPhone> the sp speeder is broke in mp because
  12. <redsaurus> because in base max_qpath is mentioned
  13. <EnsiPhone> it passes a skin of all colors
  14. <EnsiPhone> uh
  15. <EnsiPhone> so figure out where in base
  16. <redsaurus> it's because model_siege is longer than lower_a1 etc
  17. <redsaurus> i'm not planning on fixing it personally now, just pointing it out
  18. <EnsiPhone> isnt model_siege not even supposed to be multipart
  19. <EnsiPhone> you seem to know more about it and have access to ida
  20. <EnsiPhone> so
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