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Description: This Mac Users is Liking KDE Timestamp: 2013-05-19 15:31:56 +0000
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  1. Hi Chris and Matt,
  3. Third mail from me, the Mac user from Belgium, hope itís not getting tiresome...
  5. Just to let you know that I havenít missed one episode of LAS yet since I started watching and my interest in Linux just keeps on growing.
  7. After 14 years with the fruity brand, I bought yet another Mac a couple of weeks ago (comfort zone and all that). The plan was to run Linux in VB and it's working out quite well.
  8. But I'm yearning for more so, instead of a used Thinkpad T61, I will be buying a brand new laptop after all to run Linux (sadly no System76 in Belgium, but I found the next best thing).
  10. I'm going to continue experimenting with several distro's in Virtual Box on the Mac ; however, I have decided to install OpenSuse 12.3 on the new laptop and run it natively and totally dedicated (so no dual-booting).
  11. Ubuntu didn't cut it for me (to be frank, too Mac-like and I really was looking for something different - and yes, as has been mentioned before, a bit boring).
  13. Linux Mint Cinnamon was my initial favourite (don't get the square-shaped menu bar icons, though) but lost out in the end to OpenSuse KDE because of the, as Matt always puts it, granular control it offers.
  15. As a Linux noob, I see KDE as a 'graphical extension of the command line' i.e. it's powerful and gives you control over a huge number of aspects of your desktop environment. And if you're going for KDE, you might as well choose the best implementation of it (I've yet to find a negative review). And I kinda like chameleons so it's a total no-brainer on that front.
  17. In any case, looking forward to my new box and will certainly let you know how it goes. As always, keep up the good work. You never know, you might even make me switch from iOS to Android someday.
  19. Christof
  20. Belgium
  22. PS Haven't forgotten about the chocolates. What's the count on the Steam Linux games anyway ?
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