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Description: Question abut software design & Burnout report Timestamp: 2014-06-23 17:37:11 +0000
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  1. hey chis and Dom (Mike? what ever you prefer) :)
  3. I emailed you many moons ago about being totally burned out and still being in college. It's been many months since that and i am totally back into programming actually doing an internship in a big company.
  5. I am very thankful for my early burnout since now i understand it and know how to avoid it.
  7. The reason i got burned out was anxiety and high expectations, with all my projects i had very high expectations from myself and felt disjointed when i could not meet them so it made me stop building things since i felt sad even after completing them, the negative feedback from myself was too much.
  9. The anxiety was the second biggest factor since i would think about my code all the time and never could look at the big picture, also since i was thinking about it all the time the negative feed back from the high expectations was greater too.
  11. As soon i fixed them I was back have fun, even more than before.
  13. And now for my question. Mike you design some software that don't necessarily would be built upon, or are just what they need to be. Do you design the architecture of those programs same as say a software which would take a lot of revision to complete.
  15. for example would you design a software that reads a CSV file and outputs an xml file from it same as a software that needs to fetch some data from a service then interpret it and present it to the user in some form and have to later add more features?
  17. Would both of them be as modular or layered or can one be build just in a single file
  18. of source code.
  19. Thanks for the great show guys, and please don't make the next episode as swift as the last two ;)
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