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Description: Work Runs Linux Timestamp: 2015-03-29 17:28:37 +0000
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  1. First off love the show I've been listening to all JB content for years now and you guys never disappoint! A lot of things have been happening in my life lately and one of the most exciting things is I've recently got a new job as a systems administrator.
  3. That is where this runs linux comes from. First let me start off by saying thank you. A couple months ago I was listening to one of your shows and linux academy came up, so I decided to give it a shot. I've been using linux since I was 14 but have never been under the impression that I know everything there is to know about linux. I learned so much from linux academy in a very short period of time.
  5. I'll soon be getting Linux+ certified. Well a couple weeks ago a position came open at NWSC (The NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center) near where I live. I jokingly threw my resume into the fray, and after two very technical interviews I got offered the job! I attribute this to the good discussions I listen to on the Jupiter Broadcasting network, linux academy, and a lot of personal effort.
  7. I've only been officially working in IT for a year since my formal education is in Spanish. Tell everyone that linux is a very high demand skill right now! After they offered me the position they said they had windows sysadmins with 15+ years experience apply for the job, but that linux was such a crucial skill that they had decided to give me the position. Keep up the great shows!
  9. -ratz08
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