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Description: How Germany Monitors Computers Timestamp: 2013-06-12 22:14:37 +0000
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  1. Now with all the US government snooping on ISP's and Internet companies, it all seems pretty bad. Here in the EU most countries have the Telecommunications data retention law, that pretty much says: "Safe from, to and timestamp of all internet traffic for 6 month" The ISP's have to safe the data and hand it out on request by a court (yes the police is not to get it without a court order)
  2. How ever Germany is not having a law.
  4. Basically the german Bundestag had implemented the law but it got shutdown by the Constitutional Court, reasoning the law is assuming every citizen is a potential criminal. Because of bad experiences in the past (StaSi in the DDR), germans react strongly to such issues and we are protected against such laws by our constitution. (
  6. Now the interesting part is how the court was able to make a informed decision. In short they asked for help of the Chaos Computer Club. Yes, they asked for help of the largest hacker club in the world. The Club has explained the details and the judges listened. The CCC has been lobbying like that for a while.
  8. They are informing politicians and the public about privacy issues and other internet related law's/issues. I think the US needs to mobilize the hackers. They need to explain to the public and to the "internet printing" politicians how things work. (ppl who don't know much about the internet tend to have someone print out the "internet" for them).
  10. This is why i think that the unfilter show in particular is important, but also the whole network. One can not trust the big broadcasting networks to present you with the truth anymore.
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