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Description: Git-Crypt Timestamp: 2020-05-12 02:58:20 +0000
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  1.  Message: # feel free to paraphrase if including in-show
  2. # I was reminded about this during the preshow last time,
  3. # when someone mentioned to back up Mumble.conf.
  5. With so many new distro releases, make sure if you are nuking and paving to back up your dotfiles.
  7. If you are like me and use git for version control and sharing your dots, you probably have a few things you want to keep private. Nearly everyone has an ssh config, and a lot of people here need their Mumble.conf, which has their private certificate.
  9. Git-crypt uses git's "filter" attribute to encrypt transparently, so you can host all your dotfiles in one public repo without worrying about people stealing your sensitive data. If someone checks out the repo, the encrypted files are simply checked out encrypted unless they have the key and `git crypt unlock` the repo.
  11. Make sure to check out the "Security" and "Limitations" sections of the README before deciding to use it.
  13. Git-crypt:
  14. My dotfiles' .gitattributes:
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