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Description: Cockpit and ZFS Timestamp: 2020-02-14 00:00:36 +0000
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  1. Not sure if y'all have heard of it. But there is a community plugin for Cockpit called Cockpit-ZFS-Manager. It is a great plugin to help those that are use to the GUI style of managing ZFS from FreeNAS with moving over to ZFSonLinux. It is still in a Alpha/Beta stage per the Developer and requires Cockpit 201 or greater and Samba (as it does some simple Samba share handling), but was hoping the JB Community could show the Developer some love for really helping to advance the ZFSonLinux experience for everyone but especially for new users that can be daunted by the CLI.
  3. Love all the shows and hopefully can find the time one day to join in live.
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