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Description: ezjail Timestamp: 2015-07-19 01:54:47 +0000
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  1. Heya,
  3. Just went over your EZJail tutorial. Great! Thanks for this...
  5. Couple questions... You talked about Linux jails. Are those for EZJail or for Warden? It wasn't clear.
  7. When I ran 'ezjail-admin create a.b.c.d' I noticed in ifconfig it has a /32 netmask. My server has a /27. Should my ezjail's netmask also be a /27? Or is it a /32 because it is using the server's host IP as a router? In the former case, how can I configure a netmask for the jail?
  9. Out of the box, does an EZJail jail have no firewall? If not, can I run pf on the jail, while running ipfw on the host?
  11. Lastly, if my host is booting into a ZFS pool, if I am not setting ezjail_use_zfs then is the jail just sharing the host's filesystem?
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