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Description: Try NixOS already! Timestamp: 2020-03-23 20:21:52 +0000
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  1. Hi Guys,
  3. Love the show.  I've been a listener to JB for over a decade.  Keep up the great work!
  5. I don't know that I've ever heard you discuss NixOS Linux (  I imagine Wes would be particularly interested in this distro as it uses a completely functional, declarative build language for configuration.
  7. All the configuration is done in a single file (or in a set of files you import into a single file if you want to organize things) and then the configuration is run through a build system to determine what packages, users, etc files, and other configuration files should be generated to match the configuration that you've declared.  _Then_ a new snapshot of the OS is generated and can be switched into immediately for testing, or just setup to boot in grub the next time you reboot.  All previous configurations sit in grub until purged.
  9. I have only dabbled with NixOS, but it's been _great_.  My first use-case was to use it as a base OS for a Steam box.  I ended up having controller issues and no free-time at home to fix them.  I copied the single configuration file to a NixOS box I setup at my work, brought in my controller, and debugged the issue.  Then I created a patch based on my changes and applied that patch to my Steam box's configuration file at home, built a new snapshot, and *boom* my controller was working at home.  How cool is that?  No copying a bunch of dumb udev rules around or manually editing files in /etc/.  Just a couple of lines in a patch file and I was able to replicate the _exact_ configuration between two machines.
  11. There's something _very_ cool about having my entire configuration all contained in a single file.  I don't have to less and grep my way around /etc/.  I don't have to remember which format (TOML, YAML, JSON, etc) to use when editing a configuration file.  I can replicate my setup on any machine by copying a single file.
  13. There is far more to NixOS than just that.  Looks like they have their own container management system, but also some robust support for Docker as well.  It's definitely a strong contender for any future servers I might deploy.
  15. I'm hoping you get a chance to play with it and maybe mention it on a future episode.  I think there is a lot of innovative stuff going on in this distro and it would be nice to give it some publicity.  I'm not associated with the project in any way, just a huge and nascent fan.
  17. Thanks for all you do, sorry this was email so long!
  18. aguynamedryan (A Guy Named Ryan)
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