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Description: Professional development Timestamp: 2019-04-22 14:01:59 +0000
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  1. Hey Guys, I've been listening for a while and actually contacted you before regarding how to showcase my 'dark matter' projects to potential employers. This has proven to be very beneficial so thank you for the advice, however, I've run into another issue that i'm just kind of lost on tackling. I hope you can give more insight once again.
  3. I'm a 4 year C#/.Net dev with a consulting firm (dark matter projects) and looking to go somewhere more leading edge and software oriented. This is my main issue though seeing as my current employer is far behind everyone else. 98% of apps are built using winforms and they are not willing to entertain any MVC or web based applications.
  5. Recruiters have told me the same thing which amounts to "Yes, you have great experience, but in things no one really uses." I know how ASP, MVC and .NetCore work and have made a few things here and there with them, but the professional experience is a must have for every employer I've spoken with recently.
  7. I don't want to think the past few years have been for nothing, but its beginning to seem that way. Hope you can share your wisdom on this issue! Thank you!
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