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Description: MacMon Timestamp: 2019-05-28 23:37:42 +0000
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  1. Hi Noah.  Long time listener and big fan. I just ordered a new t480 where I plan to try running Linux as my desktop os.
  3. I've created my first free and open source project to share with anyone who finds it useful.  It's called MacMon.  Its called that because it monitors all of the Mac addresses on your network.
  5. The program scans your network and keeps a list of everything it discovers along with some info about each device.  It has a browser interface where you can label devices and keep notes.
  7. You can add an email account so anytime a new device is detected on your network you are notified.  Then you can whitelist the devices, run port scans against them, or even click a button to use arp spoofing to block it from your other network resources.
  9. The point of the program is to generate and maintain a network inventory while being notified of any rogue devices.  Gotta keep the pesky neighbor hacker kids off your network!
  11. The program runs as a docker container and has been tested on a raspberry pi and x86 Ubuntu but should pretty much run on anything.  If you have docker installed already it's a single line to get up and running.
  13. Below are the GitHub and docker hub links.  I hope you, or anyone else out there, can get some small value out of this program.
  15. Thanks again for all of your hard work and dedication to such a great community!
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