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Description: Windows 9 Notifications, a Rip-Off of KDE? Timestamp: 2014-09-23 19:10:48 +0000
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  1. Hello,
  3. In a past episode you guys talked briefly about the virtual desktops in Windows 9. Did you happen to take a look at the video showing off notifications in Windows 9?
  7. Maybe it's just me, but the notification area looks eerily similar to KDE's notification area. Also, the notification messages that appear on the top right of the screen look like a clone of the popup notifications I see in GTK desktops but a different color.
  9. Also, the virtual desktop interface (shown in a different video) looks very similar to how KDE 4 lays out activities. Add all this to the fact that OSX is borrowing client-side decorations and it makes me wonder...
  11. ...Is Linux the only platform that's truly innovating now days?
  13. It may be flattering that Apple and Microsoft think so highly of Linux to borrow ideas from it, but if Microsoft and Apple start patenting these "ideas" that could be real trouble for the Linux community. While it may seem like I'm worrying about nothing, let's not forget that Microsoft once patented sudo:
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