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Description: New Users and Linux Mint Timestamp: 2020-02-13 23:23:38 +0000
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  1. Chris, I have been listening to your show since the Linux Action Show days when Brian was around. Love your show. Love your work. Keep it up!
  3. I was just listening to Episode 339 Mint Mindset and just wanted to give some feedback.
  5. I know with your background that your show is probably focused more toward the geek community than the average operating system "consumer". Most people in your sphere of influence are programmers or those inspired by bells and whistles. I also heard you say you hate it when people say a certain distribution is better suited toward "new users" than another since anyone can use any distro if they just figure out how to tweak one thing or another.
  7. Well, I work for a computer service shop in our area. We make most of our money supporting the various bugs that occur in Windows computer and doing virus cleanups and soforth. However, we have gotten more and more requests from customers (both businesses and home users) about purchasing computers with or upgrading their computers to Linux.
  9. After having used a large variety of distros myself, and after having many customers try a variety of distros, I would have to say that all of them gave us feedback that they like Linux Mint the best because of "how similar it is to Windows 7".
  11. I know you are probably cringing right now, but let's face it - the general GUI of Linux Mint Cinnamon is somewhat similar to Windows 7 in many respects and just as easy, if not easier to navigate for the AVERAGE USER.
  13. You must also admit that of all desktop computer users in the market there are a higher percentage of "average mortals" than their are computer geeks. Your average user just wants something they can turn on and use without having to "figure shit out". They don't WANT to learn how to use a terminal/command line. They don't want to have to learn a bunch of cryptic commands to get things done. You and I may find it quicker and easier to install something from a terminal, but your average consumer or grandma or grandpa will have no clue and don't want to learn all that shit. They just want to point and click on stuff or fill in a few blanks in a browser. Some may even want something that looks nice or that they can tweak to look the way they want (ie. wallpaper, screen saver, etc...).
  15. Linux Mint is not only easy to use, but it looks sexy as hell. But, it also allows your geek/power user to get things done as well. I've met several people, including myself, who run Linux Mint web servers.
  17. We now get customers on a weekly basis who walk in asking bout Linux. We are a Dell reseller and regularly sell computers with Linux. We have standardized on Linux Mint. It takes us about half the time to fully prep a Mint computer vs prepping a Windows computer for a customer. We also preinstall all kinds of programs for them to use in Linux and a handful of programs in Windows and it's still a shorter and much smaller install. Therefore, we make more money on a system purchase. We lose money in antivirus and antimalware sales, but make some of that up in selling in home tutoring on their new Linux computer.
  19. I guess I'm just saying don't always look at everything from such a high level since most computers users are just average consumers that want to use it to get daily tasks done quickly and easily without all the high level "tech stuff" getting in the way.
  21. Keep up the great work and thanks for all you do!
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