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  1.    LF2 learned that Knight can defend Firzen balls backwards mar 30
  2.    tried beer, tasted like bubbly water mar 30
  3.    LF2 learned something difficult to describe about when you, as Knight, want to attack some blinking guys in a few seconds but not all of them are at the corner yet mar 31
  4.    LF2 learned as Knight that you're less likely to manage to flop from skulls if they're out of chase, cause then they go faster apr 1
  5.    LF2 learned as Knight how to properly flop from LouisEX' palm apr 1
  6.    mom announced separation apr 6
  7.    attended Hebrew meeting with dad apr 7
  8.    first completed entire crossword apr 9
  9.    LF2 learned that an iceball after Freeze jump attacks you will hit you if you flip apr 16
  10.    LF2 learned that Freeze may iceball someone who got burned while he was grabbing them apr 17
  11.    LF2 learned that you should dash attack Julian from close up, especially if you have a short dash, so that his possibly ensuing explosion doesn't hit you apr 17
  12.    LF2 learned that two identically-controlled Rudolfs can fly to heaven apr 20
  13.    LF2 learned that Davis can Dragon Punch after dash attack apr 20
  14.    found racoon in chamber apr 22
  15.    150 lb apr
  16.    LF2 learned that Knight can grab a Firzen from the wrong side and still get him hit by the cannon because the first cannon hit pushes Knight into the wall apr 24
  17.    LF2 learned that Battle Mode can't be set to CRAZY! may 4
  18.    LF2 learned that Firen explosion on a just-broken-defense guy will hit may 4
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